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Halo: More expansion than the Sims

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Since Halo made its world debut back in 1999, there has been a PC version, a Mac Version, a sequel on the way, countless fan movies, comics, and 3 novels. This may not sound like much, but compared to any other game currently availible, Halo racks up expansion points and takes a lead on making it the most expansive game ever made.

You may know a lot about some of the stuff mentioned throughout this article, but keep in mind that all of this has come from one game!

How long?

Halo's storyline is very original. Although it closely resembles something out of the 1986 classic movie Alien, Halo's storyline has great expandability - it can be further added to with other material. Now, because of this there will be an awesome, action-packed, thriving sequel: Halo 2. Halo 2 will be "... a lot like Halo 1, only it's on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas! And the ninjas are on fire too!"

Yes, its novels in spanish

If you are close to the Halo community, you have probably heard of these novels. Halo's storyline allows Eric Nylund's novel - Halo: The Fall of Reach - to go back before the setting of the original Halo. His novel explains how the Master Chief became what he is in the game, and provides great background information. Halo's storyline was also given more "umph" with Willian C. Dietz's novel The Flood. This novel builds on Halo's original Halo with adding more detail - it covers the same time frame as its counterpart game. Then there was Halo: First Strike which basically sets down the path that leads to Halo 2. Only question remaining on this subject... will there be more AFTER Halo 2?

Melts in your ears, not in your hands

Not every game has a soundtrack worth selling. Not every game is worthy enough to have entire songs dedicated to Halo. But Halo's soundtrack is like none other. Its catchy opera-like theme song make it easy to reproduce at any tempo or use it with any beat (e.g. Mothergoat's newly made "Hail 117"). From the looks of the E3 video of Halo 2, the music style will remain the same (Thanks to Marty O'Donnell).

Comic Relief
Har Har Har...

Surely we've all heard of Stuntmutt's Halo comic "One One Se7en". This was a new developement as far as fan-creations were concerned. I, personally, have not seen another comic about a game prior to this one. Since this comic showed up on HBO in April of 2003 there have been a healthy number of Halo-related comic strips such as Halo: Resolution, Echo Four Nineteen, more recently Calvin an Halo, and few good others including our very own spoofs of these comics (released about the same time as this article)!

You're going to need some pop-corn for this!

Since almost the beginning of Halo, there have been fan-created Movies. These movies became big, and everyone watched Halo players doing sweet tricks on various maps for fun. There soon came RedvsBlue - a bunch of guys who utilized the ability to capture video from the game, and turned it into a full blown story (a funny one at that). These guys have recieved more popularity then the master chief on a Sunday. What new movies will arise when Halo 2 comes around?

Art, Art, Art
Its what the seal said.

There have also been many fan-art submissions across many Halo sites. This art ranging from wallpapers to paintings to three-dimensional objects. Halo.Bungie.Org (HBO) houses most of Halo's fan-art and the like. HBO had even held an art contest which was open to the artists of the community. This contest was known as the Pillar of Art. All sorts of Halo art was submitted.

What More
How much longer?

With a great fan-based company like Bungie, you know any game of its is going to be backed with myriads of fan sites and communities to support. I believe this is true for any game, and is the true formula to an ever greater game. With a game as great and as open-ended as Halo, there are sure to be astronomical ammounts of fan-created goodies.
~By Wolfy
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