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Multiplayer Halo 2: Just a taste

Posted: January 30, 2004 |  Printable Version | Rating: 7.64 out of 10 (72 total votes)
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When I saw this first taste of the Halo 2 multiplayer, my jaw dropped, I wet myself, and I even think I screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors. I don't really remember much after that, so I'm guessing I passed out, or something... In order to relieve myself of the brilliant discovery of this new screenshot, I just strapped myself down to my chair, and examined the picture thouroughly, trying to get long-awaited answers about the mysterious Halo 2. The results were quite interesting...

Prettier than I expected

The new screenshot clearly shows that even while being engaged in mass-carnage melee's with your friends, you will still be dazaled with the new (and very vivid) lighting effects. The portions shown above clearly show that lighthing in the game is plentiful; you most likely won't be left in too much dark with all of the reflective surfaces. If in fact you are in a very dark map, the lighting seems so well done that all you would have to do is release a few rounds from whatever weapon you are equipping to reveal the little bit of the path so that you can continue on peacefully (we hope).

See More?
Is that a bullet?

Are we now able to see bullets flying in mid air as they hit the guy next to you? Or maybe this is just an effect from the developer-taken screenshot? We won't know until we get to play it ourselves. With the effect of flying-bullets the game would become very realistic, and I would most likely do something babyish. In the original Halo: Combat Evolved, when someone got shot he or she most likely only saw the post-shot effect of the sniper rifle/Scorpion (the white smoke trail), or a myriad of Assault Rifle or LAAG's fire. Either of which meant you were dead, or going to die shortly. Fire effects will make us hide until it goes away. This will ensure a not-so-easy death, or make it just a tab-bit more scary for the rest of us.

Though this may not be the case after all. They could just be flying empty casings that were just spent from a weapon.

Biggie Size
Help, I'm lost!

Since Halo 2 will be Live enabled, the maps will need to be large enough to support a fairly large amount of players (most likely 16), as well as the numerous vehicles such as the Warthog and ATV. But just how big will the maps be? Will they be big enough that we would need a Pelican for immediate evacuation from "hot" grounds? We really won't know until the game debuts in Fall. However, one can safely deduce that Halo 2 will have its fair share of both extremely large and small-scale maps.

Texturize this!
Large bumpy things...

Wow. The folks at Bungie have done it again! The new Halo 2 engine features beautiful 3d bump-mapping effects which will make you want to go and touch your screen, hoping to feel the metalic texture of the Master Chiefs suit. Bump-mapping is basically an optical illusion that makes you think that there are actual bumps, or real texture rather than implied textures (the fake stuff). Bungie makes great usage of this, and its results are breath-taking.

The map itself
In depth
The more I look at the map, the more I think of a deserted Covenant wasteland. It appears very dark and ominous place, with large mountains accompanied by scattered rubble from derelict structures. There is a figure which appears as if it were not a Spartan, but more like an Elite (however zoomed in, I think otherwise). The map is obviously quite large and may even be part subteranian, as there are no visible indications of team strongholds above the surface. There is also a large, depression/crater, or cave to the right of the really small blue Spartan (towards the back). Almost squiting, it looks as if there were an entrance leading into something.

The only way we can really truely find out more about Halo 2's multiplayer, is if some Bungie fellow will spill some info for us whiners. Otherwise, we wait until Fall of this year.
~By Wolfy
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