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A buyers guide for gamers.

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Buying a game... and knowing about it.

The game manufacturing and developing has grown dramatically over the past few years - it has become a multi-billion dollar
industry. These days, Games are being released simultaneously around the world every day and we, the consumer, are wanted to
buy these games. We all know that there are some great games out on the market, but we also know that some games are well,
not as good. I will help guide you to choose games that suite your liking best.

Tastes like...

A good way to successfully figure out what kind of games you like, is to see which games interest you the most. There are
about 7 different main genres:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Racing/Driving
  • Role Playing Games
  • Simulations
  • Sports
  • Strategy

    Each genre is different in its own ways.

    • Most action games are very fast-paced, loud and fun. Many action games like Half-Life or Halo are called First Person
      Shooter games, or FPS's (for short). Action games usually have an arsenal of weaponry you can choose from, or pick-up
      around the game, and have an average or little ammount of strategy involved.
    • Adventure games rather than having to do selected single player mission, you are able to roam around freely doing
      side missions - short 'quests' that sometimes have nothing to do with the original storyline or plot, but get you
      ahead skill-wise or for other treasures. These games are sometimes slow, and time-consuming.
    • Racing/Driving - this is pretty much self-explanatory. Fast-pased, and edge-of-the-seat are the best way to describe
      some of the racing games out there.
    • A Role Playing game is where you basically have a character (or in some instances make your own) and you get to choose
      that characters path. You mold the character into what you want basically. Games like this are somewhat slow, or long, and
      require many hours of gameplay. If you would like a superior RPG game, check out Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
    • Simulations are games where you are put in a first person perspective, and learn to do a task - such as flying an
      airplane in Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Simulations usually have the sense of realness to it, and may teach you something.
    • Sports genre includes any game that includes a sport like football, or baseball. These games are fun to play and
      addictive. If you love football, and just can't wait for that Sunday night game, buy yourself a sport game.
    • Strategy games are most likely hard, and require you to think and to plan out your next attack or move. Many strategy
      games are 3rd person, and you choose from a number of units, and order them to attack strategically, hoping to defeat
      your enemy/opponent. Homeworld is a perfect example of a strategy game.

    You know the basic genres, now what?

    Look around of course! From the descriptions given, you can probably tell which type would be best for you. Then, grab your
    mooh-lah and go buy yourself a game! WAIT! Don't go just yet! How do you know which are the best games in that genre?
    Before you go out waisting your money on low-grade crap games, get some information first. Go search some internet gaming
    sites, and read their reviews of some games. These gaming sites usually have a "Top 10 games" section, which should have the
    newest/best rated games that you can buy. Some great sites where you could get this info from:

    All you have to do, is browse around for what you are looking for.

    Ask Around...

    It is important to remember that games will continue to be made - the industry is not going to stop for you until you
    choose which games you want to buy. You have to make your decisions quickly. The faster you buy your games, the more you
    get to enjoy them before another game comes out (and so you can make money in between) that will top the one you just bought.
    To help make your decisions quicker, just ask around. Chat rooms and forums are all great options if you are looking for a
    second opinion.

    Once you have all the information you are looking for, and enough money, go for your kill - buying the game. There are many
    stores around your community that sell games such as an EB Games, or Best Buy. I'm sure you can figure out the rest from here.
    I hope this little guide has been of some help.

  • ~By Wolfy
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